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#Gabon-Ritual murder: The mutilated body of a man found in Pk 27 near capital city Libreville

Gabon -  Ritual murder

May 08, 2014

The mutilated body of a man found in Pk 27 near capital city Libreville

The mutilated body of a young man in an advanced state of decomposition, was found last week near the inlets running through Nkok, a group of villages located 27km from Libreville (capital city of Gabon), in the 2nd arrondissement of Ntoum. The gruesome discovery was made by a group of sawyers.

The body almost bare, whose legs were still in the water, was recovered a few hours later. Traces of violence were noted on the body of the victim. It would have been relieved of his tongue and genitals. Worse, the skin of the head was blown off. Anything that suggests a ritual crime.

The body remained seventy-two hours at the scene before being buried by local residents, angered by foul odors. His state of putrefaction rendered unrecognizable victim. Nobody has formally identified the deceased, despite the crowds of onlookers. Anything that suggests that this is a person who was allegedly abducted and deported elsewhere on the site.

This gruesome discovery revived psychosis in Nkok and beyond. Since then, residents live in fear of ritual crimes instead of regressing are back at a gallop (Read more in FAITS DIVERS newspaper this Friday )

Jonas Moulenda.

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