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#Gabon-Ritual murder: A man butchered and bled when still alive near Moulengui Bindza

Gabon-Ritual murder (Graphic)

May 07, 2014

A man butchered and bled when still alive near Moulengui Bindza

"Boussougou, mumbariye dimbokili ? Diambu yi nziduvage ? (Boussougou, why are you killing me? What have I done? ) ". Those are the last supplication of a man of sixty years old, Sylvestre Mounombi Nzamba, to his alleged killers, Florent Boussougou Mouketou and Mihindou Mvoubou, both in their forties.

The two men have pierced the body of their victim with a knife and have his blood drawn when he was still alive. The bloody deed took place last week at Maraïvessa, a village near Moulengui-Bindza, in the region of Mongo (province of Nyanga, South of Gabon).

The battered body of the victim was found in a creek where the killers threw it to simulate drowning. The «excutioners» of the ritual murder have received $ 1.5 million F CFA (about 3000 USD) to commit their dirty work.

They were arrested by the gendarmerie (military police) of Moulengui-Bindza and detained in police custody. At the end of the preliminary investigation, they were transferred to the prosecutor's office, who then imprisoned them at a prison in Tchibanga (capital of Nyanga province).

A retired official of the Ministry of Finance, presented as a sponsor of the crime, was arrested and transferred from Libreville to Tchibanga on Tuesday. But investigators believe he is just an intermediary. In fact, a «bigwig» (high level politician in power) would be behind this terrible crime.

(For more information, read the newspaper FAITS DIVERS)

By Jonas Moulenda.

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