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#Gabon: Conspiracy to kill journalists: «Killing us won't solve that much» - Echos du Nord No 206 November 18 2013

Killing us won’t solve that much...

The reckoning. This is the path that was taken to reduce forever to silence Jonas Moulenda and Désiré Ename, Journalists at «Echos Du Nord» (Echos of the North) and Jean de Dieu Ntoutoume Eyi, Journalist at Ezombolo - Both newspapers are very critical of the Bongo regime. The intention is brutal and barbaric. It reveals the whole reality of someone thinking that Gabon is at her feet, each Gabonese is an accessory or a cloth on which she wipes her shoes. No one has rights, except herself. In this role, one can believe awkwardly she is above the state. That person is mistaking big time and should be back to reality. Too many who are forced to believe in her, made her believe too much that she was the reason of all things, by pure flattery and adulation because of the personal interests those sycophants benefit or have benefited from. In reality it is a life of illusion. Unfortunately for her, this is the face of this dramatic life of illusions that has became a real world and taken over to the point of convincing her that physically eliminating Gabonese, especially journalists, her life will still always be like a flow of a tranquil river. All of this is illusion and dangerous beliefs. This path strewn with filthy acts necessarily has its price.

Believing to be the one who measures the severity of things; heralding the reasons of the state; and drawing the conclusion on behalf of the reasons of the state, that it must use violence. To what end ? If not only to wreak hatred and revenge for personal use; far from being the reasons of state. Gravity in this case, something we’ve always denounced, is the tribalisation of the military. Two military bodies of so-called 3rd class are comprised, in majority, with people from the same ethnic group. This is the Republican Guard (Garde Républicaine) protecting the president and the Red Berets (also closed to the protection of the president), and in the latter case, an elite troupe was recently established, composed of the same ethnic group. The consequences of this state of affairs are the comforts that can make this «securocracy». She feels entitled to systematically give orders to the military, without worrying that by this act, she replaces the president and denies him his prerogatives as Commander in chief of the Armed forces. And the military who participated in the plan, submitting to her orders, turned away from their public missions that should be coming from their higher commandment, on the top of which is the Supreme Commander in chief of the Armed forces, Ali Bongo Ondimba. They simply come to commit an act of high treason. Someone who speaks all the time about the rule of law must draw the necessary conclusions. Otherwise, it will be recognized that he is nothing.

Jonas Moulenda, Jean De Dieu Ntoutoume Eyi and Désiré Ename, are "wounds" and "threats" to the power of Ali Bongo. But who is really dangerous for this regime?

Someone who believed that murdering journalists is a way of solving problems, does not understand that it is through this method that fire would be set to the a house she thinks is fully protected against sharp pens of these journalists. It was not just a conspiracy against them. But a plan to destabilize the president by his own matrix and put his power at risk. One suspects that murdering journalists, and not the least, and certainly three of the most prominent of the Gabonese press right now, would not leave anyone indifferent in the country. Therefore, it is not excluded that the real plan was to undermine the president and institutions. For a case conducted with such professionalism, ordinary Gabonese would have fingered Ali Bongo Ondimba as the perpetrator. What would the international community think of that President killing journalists in his country ? What difference would have made compare to what just happened in Mali, where colleagues Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon fell under the bullets of cowardly terrorists ? A President and cowardly assassins, like the terrorists, that's what his parents, who claim to defend its interests and act on behalf of him, wanted to be retained in the history books.

The story is nevertheless instructive, even if she does not care about history. This is where bin Laden killed nearly 4,000 people on American soil on September 11, 2001 and signed his death warrant. What has it been ? 10 years into hiding like a rat and finally shot that day of the 5 May 2011 . His body ended up in the belly of sharks. Unburied. The author of the murder of Jean Hélène , an Ivorian policeman, had no support from peers or anyone; Gbagbo was extradited due to the massacres perpetrated by soldiers under his command, including the disappearance of journalist Guy-André Kieffer. The murderers of Norbert Zongo, military people, have all been arrested. As for the sponsor, close to Blaise Compaore, President of Burkina Faso, he lives his life holed up under the cloak of immunity. A temporary escape. Shoot down a journalist will never be a simple act.

As Journalists, we are not afraid to be killed. Killing us will do so little. To curb the press, there is no better thing then more freedom of the press, even to excess, as basically said Paul Mba Abessole. We believe that the accomplices of the regime should put this into practice.

What bothers this much? Remembering the regime its accountability to the people of Gabon ? Pull the alarm when taxpayers' money is the mess of a bunch of friends and villains ? Report abuse of entrepreneurs because we are the mother of... when in fact the country's economic policy is precisely to attract investors ? What bothers so much? Recall the duty of some citizens to submit to the decrees of the head of state instead of the show they give in challenging him as we have seen most recently in the Caistab case because someone is the big brother of ... ? Reporting on emblezzlement and other diversions in the country, is what bothers so much? How do you think we should be silent when Gabonese, the voiceless, died in landslides and floods? Do they deserve it ? Are you not ashamed of this country, so rich and is still not able to give to the little million citizens minimal good living conditions ? Fill the few thousand of students with desks, classrooms and teachers in sufficient numbers ? Everyone was not "born before the shame".

Reporting is our duty and we will always denounce. We will continue to "write without fear". This was recommended by the United Nations (UN). It is our duty. And on this, the vision of people of Gabon, the voiceless for whom our lives are in danger, is unequivocal. No offense to the one who thinks we can dispense death as we give bones to dogs. To her we just want to remind that we are all, including her, "Metec me Ayane", "those that Soil awaits". Meanwhile, the quest for repentance is probably the only viable outcome that remains for her. Let’s be wise...

Translated from french.

One should remember that this article constantly refers to a «She». Echos du Nord has clearly indicated that the woman behind the conspiracy to kill the 3 Journalists, is no other than Patience Dabany, mother of «President» Ali Bongo of Gabon.

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