samedi 16 novembre 2013

#Gabon: Poor families; favorite targets for ritual killings

(Warning: graphic image)

The poorest among people of Gabon are the favorite targets of the perpetrators of ritual murders. People of Gabon need to stand up and fight to eradicate these satanic practices that endanger children and youth across the country. The world is also invited to support the people of Gabon, as some are Gabonese are threatened of death because they dare talk about ritual killings.
With these pictures we want to show a case of recent ritual killing of a 4 years old girl, Catherine. Her mom is devastated and wants the whole world to know what happened to her daughter she will never see again! Augustine Bendome leaves in very difficult conditions (see pictures) as too many Gabonese do, despite oil and other natural resources revenues gain in billions every year by Gabon government. All the money is going in pockets of corrupt politicians, in particular the Bongo family in power for more than 45 years, who are also knows as sponsors of those vicious and barbaric crimes against children and other human beings in Gabon.
Silence and passivity are not options.

Ritual killings need to stop in Gabon!

                                         Augustine Bendome, mother of victim's «kitchen»

Mother showing here daughter before and after she was assassinated in a ritual murder scheme

Source of pictures: Affaires Nous Mêmes Nous Mêmes

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