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#Gabon-Ritual killings: A young man killed and his blood drained near Malinga

A young man killed and his blood drained near Malinga

Gabon. November 05, 2013. A young man of 22 years old, Virgil Bikou Malessa, was murdered and his blood drained, last week, in a forest near Malinga, the capital city of the department (county) of Louetsi-Bibaka.

According to a source close to the family, the murder was committed in the village named Mitsantsa when the victim accompanied his older brother Anstide Sheba in a forest on the edge of their village.

The gendarmerie (military police) has arrested the number one suspect. The latter allegedly used a shotgun to kill his junior brother, the source said, adding that he then drained the blood out of his body.

The battered body of young Bikou Malessa was found in the forest where his older brother took him, claiming they were going hunting. "It is not that he thought he little brother was a young animal. He deliberately opened fire on him", argued the source.

The alleged criminal, has we learned it, had initially asked his girlfriend to accompany him into the bush. But the latter, intrigued by this unusual request, appeared to be refractory to any movement in the forest.

Thus, Anstide Sheba turned to his younger brother, who finally willingly agreed to accompany his brother into the bush without any doubt about the terrible threat that «hunting» represented to him. "Arriving in the forest, he pointed the gun at his younger brother before shooting him at close range", said the same source.

On the site of the grisly discovery, traces of ritual were found. Anything that suggests that the lamplighter has not acted alone. A political leader of the country is believed to have sponsored this ritual murder.

Jonas Moulenda
Journalist, Echos du Nord

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