mercredi 4 décembre 2013

#Gabon: Ali Bongo's regime using tear gases and arresting students protesting peacefully

Following their teachers already on strike, elementary and high school students have been protesting peacefully in different cities around the country asking for the government to satisfy teachers demands, for better schools, for the abolition of some policies pushed by the actual minister of Education and more. Students are also now asking for minister of Education, Moundounga, to resign immediately.

Today, students have taken it to the streets to march peacefully. But all we are hearing is that the dictatorial regime of Ali Bongo has decided, once again, to send police and military to arrest young people (some are as young as 9 years old) and they are using tear gases on young kids. This is a total disgrace for a corrupt government pretending to be a «democracy».

We won't let Ali Bongo's regime hide. We will let the world know! Here are some images of the protests. We will add more as the day goes by.

Lire le communiqué du Front des indignés du Gabon

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