samedi 9 juillet 2011

Gabon: Union Nationale (National Union) goes hunting up North!

(translate from french, as published, July 8th 2011 by Jean-Pierre Rougou)

For their first political gathering in Woleu Ntem (one of the nine provinces of Gabon, in the North of the country) members of the Government of Andre Mba Obame, including ministers and executives of Union Nationale (National Union) chose Oyem, the provincial capital, to begin a marathon tour of information, explanation and clarification.

For ten days, Fabien Mbeng Ekorezok, Michel Ongoundou Lunda, Alfred Memini Me Zue, Thierry Nnang, Louma Alphonse François Ondo Edou, Véronique Essomeyo, Samy Ondo, Ondo Estelle and many others have at heart to travel around villages, districts and departments in the northern province to restore the truth about the political situation of Union Nationale, the stay of the Government in the UNDP office earlier this year and the health of Andre Mba Obame.

Judging by the reception of the delegation to the steps of Assok Bega, Nkolabona and Nkout, we can say, without risk of error, the tour will be a great success. Of those declared dead or seriously ill by the “singers” of the former one ruling party, PDG (founded by Omar Bongo), which come in the flesh in front of bewildered people, it can only arouse joy of family and friends who can meet again with their own. The truth is out and it is scathing, this explains the high turnout recorded in the first day. The welcome is reminiscent of the great masses-election campaign in August 2009 to the sound of "AMO president."

The questions that torment the spirits here are always the same: "What about the party Union Nationale officially dissolved but whose popularity rating has increased sharply since January 2011 when Andre Mba Obame made a swearing as president-elected? what future for "democracy" in Gabon? why some politicians slow down alternance and how to overcome this obstacle? Simple and clear answer from Essono Mengue Vincent, a former mayor of Oyem and current provincial official representative of Union Nationale: "It is up to us, people of Gabon to accomplish these aims. The day we get up all, as one man to drive out those who imposed themselves by force at the top of the state, it will be the end of the "Bongo dynasty." Whenever changes have taken place, the population was fervent. The most recent examples? Tunisia, Egypt and Senegal. " Message received 5 out of 5. The assistance will remember this little joke of a sexagenarian from Nkolabona: "if there is a party dissolved in Gabon, it is the PDG (Parti Démocratique Gabonais). It died with its founder. Everything today is just tinkering. You know, no human being, no science can revive a corpse. With a dead body, there are only three possibilities: use it as a corpse in medical school, to extract the organs to treat the living or buried altogether. The nitrogen derived from the decomposition of the body allows the growth of other plants. Therefore the PDG should allow Union Nationale to grow, it is the truly national party. "

When Michel Ongoundou Lunda, an Obamba of Okondja (province of Haut-Ogooué, origin of Bongo’s family) talks without complex in a Fang environment in Nkout, the symbol is sufficiently instructive to demolish the claims of PDG on power on a so-called isolationism of Fangs.... Video excerpts... (in french) 

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