samedi 30 juillet 2011

Gabon: Union Nationale lives and will live forever

  " Union Nationale lives and will live forever in us. No law or gun can kill that ideal."

That in a few words the determination shown by Mr. Zacharie Myboto, President of the Union Nationale, an opposition political party whose dissolution was confirmed a few days ago by Ali Bongo and his henchmen of the State Council. Such dissolution is qualified as totally antidemocratic by UN leaders and supporters.

Mr. Zacharie Myboto speaking during a rally this Saturday, July 30, 2011 at the headquarters of the Union Nationale (UN) located in "Old SOBRAGA" Librebille, Gabon.

Leaders and supporters of Union Nationale are finally facing their fate after the dissolution confirmed by the State Council. Since it is definitely considered a party dissolved, so illegal, by Ali Bongo, those who advocate or sympathize with the UN must now take fate in their hands.

The rally today confirms that the advocates of change and alternation are not about to give up. The fight will continue and we may, with the arrogance repeatedly demonstrated by PDG and Ali Ben Bongo in power, get into a very significant political and social tension in Gabon. One such tension could have unintended negative and serious consequences. As said by Mr Myboto in his speech: "The international community is strangely silent on the excesses of those in power (Ali Bongo and his minions). Will they come as firefighters when the situation deteriorates?"

Now that the Gabonese eager for freedom and change, against 44 years of oppression of Bongo, know they must pull this freedom, we must expect anything in Gabon. Now, everyone must take responsibilities, starting with France and other obscure interests that support a corrupt regime that the Gabonese have been wanting to get rid for far too long already!

That's enough!


Some pictures taken during the event today

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