mardi 20 décembre 2011

People of #Gabon said "NO" to him, one more time…

Whatever tinkering with the RTG, the propaganda tv organ of the PDG (party in power), the participation rate will not exceed 8%. Over 90% of the electorate said "NO". Responding with one voice to the slogan of the opposition leaders: no biometrics, no transparency, no elections.

Certainly, as usual, the PDG has understood otherwise. Had the party thought the opposition was preparing violence. As Paul Mba Biyoghe (illegimate prime minister) did it quick to deploy battalions of security forces in most polling stations. Too bad for them. The opposition hit where the PDG and his cronies did not expect. We reminded the people of his duty. And they got the message. Results, PDG and so-called majority parties represent their actual weight in the National Assembly, not more than 8%. The facts prove it. And it is not mishandling of the CENAP (electoral commission) who will change anything. Because the “chemistry” is not possible when an office of 300 registered, the voter list contains only six signatures. Coming after with 120 ballots shows sufficiently that the ballot boxes were stuffed. Unfortunately that was the work of the PDG in most polling stations. But no one is naive. All day Saturday, the streets were deserted. Only steers voters, those who sold morality to dogs, were in operation from office to office. Voting as many times as possible to pocket the loot after each vote (20,000 FCFA, that's what thugs working for Biyoghe Mba were handing at Cape Estérias, PK 11...). Thus he and all others without exception have had their names on the list of those who will enter the chamber. Shamefully.

The failure is even more bitter to Ali Bongo.

What was it the object of the game? Have 80, 100 or 120 members of parliament? NO! The aim was to present the international community, not percentages from voting offices to PDG candidates, but all 41% of the vote he said he obtained in 2009, plus the contributions of his so called majority. Ultimately, it (the election gimmick) was meant to show that 50%+1 of a Gabonese want reforms and adhere to these reforms (of Ali Bongo). The real test was indeed to counter the slogan of the opposition asking people to refrain from voting in the absence of biometrics. Because it was what we meant by "No biometrics, no transparency, no election." The PDG can show a monochromatic Assembly. As in the days of single party (absolute dictatorship). A semicircle obtained by blows of fraud and buying violated consciences. No one does care. The party (PDG) has just confirmed that Ali Bongo, unlike his father, does not control the machine. The power lies elsewhere. It is in the hands of Boukoubi, Nzouba Ndama, and other assassins of democracy, in the shadows. They eventually to rob him during consultations to nominate their candidates. Ali Bongo, who dreamed of getting rid of the bosses to put his men in the Assembly will fail the first test within the machine. His failure is bitter. Fraud happens. It still took place on Saturday. Because for the PDG, even against itself, the temptation to cheat always wins. Nothing can be done about it, it is what it is. It is an innate reflex.

"If we had known ...." Yes, "if we had known we would have taken another route ..." Or, "If we had known we would have done otherwise," they will say afterwards. To situations of failure, this little phrase in the lexicon of lamentations is found naturally in the mouth of one who lives the pain. If Maganga, Mayila, Ndaot, Mbou Yemba, Waura and others, may not dare say it in public, but they are mumbling it at this time. Yet they were told not to go. They argued on the empty chair policy. Did they thing they have an exceptional raw feature?! For those chameleons, the game is now finished.

Also, "THE BIG TEST", as the headline in a Jeune Afrique No. 2657 of December 11 to 17 put it, will have resulted in a flop. Ali will have to blame the PDG. Yes, the PDG has "killed" him.

Once again the people of Gabon said "NO", ya Ali.

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