samedi 17 décembre 2011

#Gabon: Election fraud is already well under way!

Gabon: Election fraud is already well under way!

As the political party PDG in power and its allies (including the fabricated opposition) call gabonese (and foreign) voters to vote tomorrow (December 17), voter fraud has already begun to manifest itself in several provinces, including Mounana.

Indeed, as evidenced by the first pictures (see below) taken by supporters of "No to the electoral farce", the signing sheets that should be used on election day have already been signed! Normally, each voter must sign in front of his name only on voting day. However, at Mounana in Haut-Ogooué (southeast of Gabon), a local administrative official (called Prefet) asked its employees to make citizens sign of constituency lists when collecting their voting cards, which does not comply with the provisions of the Electoral Code of Gabon.

Acts of fraud by PDG in the power were predictable. The real opposition had predicted, and continues to repeat it.

The international community must face its responsibilities following numerous warnings from opposition members and civil society from the beginning, challenge the Gabonese people and the international community that the parliamentary election which is taking place on December 17 will be useless and harmful to the democratization process in Gabon, after the electoral coup of 2009 that the Gabonese have not even digested yet.

The opposition and civil society gathered around the movement "That's Enough" invite Gabonese not to go vote tomorrow (December 17), so as they will not endorse another electoral coup.

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