jeudi 15 décembre 2011

#Gabon: Here are some reasons not to vote on December 17, 2011

Gabon: Here are some reasons not to vote on 
December 17, 2011

The fundamental reasons which militate so that we, Gabonese people, do not participate in the undemocratic election of December 17, 2011 are as follows:

-Election transparency is not guaranteed and Ali Bongo, PDG (party in power) and their allies, to prevent the opposition from being a majority in the National Assembly and to form an alternative government for real change, will defraud election;

-The electoral list is not reliable. It allows multiple voting because it is outrageously inflated;

-Ali Bongo, who has not won the presidential election on August 30, 2009, is desperate to become embedded in power. That's why he refused the introduction of biometrics in the preparation of electoral rolls. This would allow to better identify the voters;

-The Election Code was amended by authoritarian Ordinance No. 009/PR/2011 of August 14, 2011, concocted in secret somewhere in an office in order to ensure a majority to Ali Bongo and a false legitimacy by fraud;

-The policy of the empty chair ...? Yes, but it is useless to occupy a chair when it can not in any way influence the course of events unfolding before your eyes. Also, why sit in a chair "wobbly" when you know it can make you fall at any moment?;

-Being present at the Chamber of the National Assembly to hear the voice of the Opposition! What is the point when we know that with their majority, Pédégistes always vote mechanically, while a truly transparent election should make a difference. The voice of the opposition can be heard outside the National Assembly;

-Thousands of national identity cards are being distributed to foreigners as part of the operation of issuing new biometric national ID cards currently in progress to enable them to vote for the PDG (party in power).

So what good is it to go to the polls if only to legitimize the power that Gabonese people never acclaimed?

We are not going to the polls! Let’s stay quietly at home going about our personal affairs, those who feed our (already) miserable families!


Message from the REAL opposition parties and the “ENOUGH OF THAT” Movement of Gabon

 People of Gabon at a political rally of the opposition 
in Nkembo, Libreville, Dec 13, 2011

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