samedi 17 décembre 2011

Parliamentary elections in #Gabon: Huge victory for opposition and civil society with more than 95% abstention!

- Press release -

Parliamentary elections in Gabon: Huge victory for opposition and civil society which campaigned for No vote!

Libreville, Gabon, December 17, 2011 - The call by the democratic forces including (the real) gabonese political opposition and civil society around the Free Citizen Movement "Enough is Enough" to say "No Biometrics, No transparency, No Election" was widely and heavily confirmed by Gabonese people today.

In fact, Gabonese people, in an unprecedented maturity, has just rejected and repudiated the system PDG (party in power). Across the country, polling stations were empty: over 95% of Gabon have not voted.

This failure confirmed by the international press and representatives of the international community is a crushing defeat for the ruling regime. This result also confirms the lack of legitimacy of people in power and the commitment of Gabonese people to establish democracy and rule of law in Gabon.

This huge failure also confirms the deep breach between the autocratic regime and the Gabonese people, determined to end a system of corruption, slavery and subjugation responsible for the ruin of the country today.

From now, with the strong legitimacy acquired through the boycott of this election, the Civil Society Movement through "Enough is Enough" is committed to strengthening citizen mobilization to the satisfaction of all claims of democratic reforms in Gabon.

Civil Society congratulates the people of Gabon, acknowledges his courage and commitment to make sure our country is out of this predatory regime. Ultimately, the people of Gabon, sovereign and master of its destiny, is the only winner of this election.

We are taking as witnesses the international community and the various diplomatic missions located in Gabon on the consequences of this legislative election rejected by (almost) the entire population of Gabon.

Also, Civil Society invites the international community not to recognize this travesty of parliamentary elections, and to work with the people by supporting their struggle for Freedom, Democracy, Good Governance and Human Rights in Gabon.

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