jeudi 30 juin 2011

Gabonese civil society calls for democratic interference in Gabon

TO: The Presidents of the United States of America and France, the Secretary General of the United Nations, the President of the Commission of the African Union and President of the Commission of the European Union 

It is in the name of democracy, universal principle and foundation of freedoms that we send you this wake-up call, a call for help for our country Gabon. 

As you know, Gabon is in ruins. A widespread destruction caused by a criminal oligarchy in power for nearly half a century. 

This oligarchy political mafia organized a large-scale looting of the country's wealth and orchestrated a criminal policy of subjugation, of collective impoverishment of a population reduced to begging and bumnest or homelessness. 

The oligarchic system has organized corruption in people's attitudes and way of thinking: this enterprise is planned by ideologues of this unique thinking criminal regime. Ultimately, noble people of this country are in fact driven to resignation, to the renunciation of their legitimate rights, in short, to despair. 

For 43 years, everyday life in Gabon is a tragedy. Gabonese people are deprived of their basic rights in education, health, access to housing and decent jobs... 

 All socio-economic indicators show the miserable situation of Gabon and the inability of those in power to offer them a minimum living wage. In truth, the leaders of Gabon were enriched in billions of dollars at the expense of two-thirds of the population. These stolen resources were placed in tax havens and Western banks. 

The many reforms announced with great fanfare by Mr. Ali Bongo, experienced no realization on the ground. Meanwhile, the president will travel the world at taxpayers expense. His trips are estimated in the hundreds of billions of CFA francs. 

Against all odds, in defiance of the noble claims of social or civil sectors, the President bought a palace valued more than 100 million euros in Paris. This abject expense is a real humiliation toward Gabonese people. 

Facing these vile acts in nature and in scope, civil society expresses its strong disapproval of the mismanagement of Gabon by the corrupt ruling clan. 

Civil society is committed to the international community and the people of Gabon to the end to defend the dignity of the individual harmed in this country. 

Gabon, like Egypt of Moubarack and Tunisia of Ben Ali, is chained, paralyzed and imprisoned in a real system of hunger. 

As in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Cote d'Ivoire and Senegal, Gabon wants a democratic rule of law, transparent preserving democratic freedoms of its citizens

The Gabonese want full democracy, based on the will of the people to determine their future and build a new governance model

With the above, organizations of civil society in Gabon, urges the international community including the United States Government, the French Government, the Security Council of the United Nations, the African Union and the European Union, to exercise democratic right to interfere in Gabon to allow the holding of free and credible elections in a transparent and peaceful environment. 

This request is justified by the current deadlock of the democratic process in the country by a clan that refuses any possibility of alternation by free and transparent elections, and confiscation of regulatory instruments of democracy. In 2009, following the death of Mr Omar Bongo Ondimba, the second head of state, elections were held in conditions most questionable and resulted in a monarchical succession to power through the son of the late president and the maintenance of a corrupt and oligarchic system responsible for the holistic disaster of the nation of Gabon. 

At this moment, the involvement of the international community becomes crucial because Gabon is now on the brink of implosion since so many violations of fundamental rights of citizens and the endless frustrations of the people by an arrogant management of state by this oligarchy have become legion. Indeed, the Gabonese people as a whole has the burning desire to be free of tyranny and a corrupt system of slavery. We demand the dismantling of the system that crushes an entire people and that dehumanizes children in this country. Even if the system has changed its head of state, the political structure in its ideological and totalitarian organization still remains in place. It is for this reason that the interference of the international community in Gabon is a sine qua non condition to avoid chaos and anarchy.

Libreville, 29 June 2011

(Les signataires, des membres de SENA, CONASYSED, FESEENA, BrainForest, Publiez ce que vous Payez, ROLBG, OND, TV+, Mkulu Le Messager / Le temps, Echos du Nord, SEEPS, SAEG, USDS / USAP, Africa n°1)


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