vendredi 24 juin 2011

Did the government of Gabon lie about the dead from the prison of Bitam?

(Warning: the photos included in this text may offend. We apologize. But the truth must be told!)

Following the discovery of foreigners found dead in a prison in Bitam, north of Gabon, the Gabonese government was quick to issue a press release June 16, 2011 to among other things, expose the (so called) disinformation in the media about the causes of death of these expatriates, while justifying their deaths with diagnostics such as diarrhea and respiratory disorders or behavior, probably related to the outbreak of a cholera epidemic. The government even pushed the irony to advise the population to implement hygienic measures against epidemics such as cholera (which could also hit them, one can imagine reading the press release).

The Gabonese government statement also stated that:

" Contrairement à certaines informations véhiculés sans fondement, faisant état de prétendue maltraitance, de sévices ou de tortures, il s'agirait plutôt d'un cas de santé public, que nous déplorons": "Unlike some of the unfounded information conveyed with reports of alleged mistreatment, abuse or torture, it's more a case of public health, which we deplore."

Now we have pictures of the deceased. Looking at the photos, it is right to seriously question whether the Gabonese government has once again lied to its people and the international community. Gabon is recognized by Amnesty International and the U.S. State Department as a country that has been violating blithely Human rights for decades. Would the dead from the prison of Bitam they be one more incident of the uncomplimentary charts to Gabon, a country directed with iron fist by the Bongo family for over 44 years?

It goes without saying that with the photos that reveal the swollen faces of the dead from the prison of Bitam, Ali Bongo and his cronies of the PDG (ruling party for 44 years) must respond to the world about what really happened to the deceased. Even if they were illegal in Gabon, the fact remains that every human being should be treated with dignity. There is no reason why the police or the gendarmerie have carried out torture to death of men, only to get away without consequences for the vile acts posed.

Even better, for the Gabonese government, if there is clear evidence that he lied to the people and the international community on the deaths of prison Bitam, it must also suffer the consequences or sanctions following such manipulation of the information and its recidivism in the violation of Human Rights.

What Ben Ali Bongo and his government will still tell us lies like now?

The international protection of human rights organizations must go up to the plate and denounce the reactionary attitude of the Government of Gabon and President of Gabon who wanted to hide the truth!

Let's recall that out of the presidential elections of 30 August 2009, the military (including the famous Red Berets) committed atrocities against people who were demonstrating peacefully. Results: at least a dozen deaths. Images are still around to show what happened, including on YouTube. No investigation was made ​​and the Gabonese government has never explained why the soldiers fired live ammunition on unarmed people?

Body a young man killed in 2009 during 
a peaceful demontrastion in Port-Gentil, Gabon

How long will the human rights violations continue in Gabon without Ali Ben Bongo, and the PDG, his party, pay the true price? Can they continue to kill the defenseless people in this way and continue to lead Gabon?
Reference: A Gabonese, speaks out about elections being stolen by Ali Bongo


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