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Gabon/Ritual killings (warning: graphic pictures)

THE biggest ritual murder of Gabon's history goes back to the night of 25 to 26 July 2006 in Mabougnié, a town on the border of the province of the Moyen-Ogooué (Lambaréné).

An octogenarian, Véronique Lekohouin, her daughter Véronique Massibenguilé (55), her granddaughter Kessany Myriam, 32, her great-grandchildren, Dieudonné Aaiun, 4, and Mary Mirianice Kombila Ibiatsi, 3 months, who lived all in Mawongo, a village located in the mining region of Mabougnié, were exterminated with a machete by Justin Massandé, a man, 44, adopted at a young age by the family of the victims.

The man had committed the killing with his friend, Anatole Mboma, with the complicity of Massandé Valentin, Pierre Claver Nzanga Anatole Nzanga and Diasbo Mouloungui. Thes criminals have removed organs and drawn blood on their victims. After their dirty work, they burned the five bodies in an attempt to remove traces of mutilation.

A few days after the massacre that shocked the whole country, Massandé Mboma and his sidekick reported committing the massacre at the request of a woman, Jeanne Bombé, sister-in-law of Martin Mabala, Minister of Forestry at the time of the events. They said that it was the latter who had sponsored the massacre.

Jeanne Bombé was finally arrested. But she was released with the pressure from Minister Mabala, who was in France and had to rush back to Libreville after the announcement of the arrest of the sister of his wife. To prevent police officers from arresting his sister-in-law, he hosted her at his home.

During the ministerial reshuffle after the tragedy, Martin Mabala was appointed Minister of Justice. Curiously, it has not worked hard for the truth in this case, even if the all five people exterminated were part of his in-laws.

During his preventive detention, Anatole Mboma died at the Central Prison in Lambaréné. Jeanne Bombé also died in August 2014. Other people involved in the massacre were released and continue to take it easy. As if nothing had happened.

Find the full story in ''the ugly face of Gabon '', to be released soon in France.

Jonas Moulenda (gabonese investigative journalist in exile in France)
Echos du Nord
Marc 08, 2015

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