mercredi 8 mai 2013

#Gabon: Ritual killings; An unusual dish on the menu

Gabon: ritual killings, an unusual dish on the menu

By Marcel Djabioh. Translated from french.
How can men and women normally formed take a sit at a dinner table, before so an unusual menu, of a human body part, and eat it with appetite, also drinking human blood mixed with wine?

How, after such a meal, one can have a digestive drink, picking his teeth in front of a TV, surrounded by family and friends, and then leave the house, jump in a big car, driving proudly (sic) around the city, greeting people that he knows and even those who are relatives of the one’s sex he just ate and blood he just drank?

How one can go in bed and have a good sleep with his stomac full of the flesh of a human being, with the idea that he might soon become a «big one» (powerfull and rich) because he has ate a sex, tongue, heart, ears or skewers of clitoris? How is it possible for a balanced man to do?

And in all this, what is the «brave» cook that performs such a dish and dispose it, with great art, on the table in a private dining room?

Our bodies parts can be found on a plate as you can see in this picture, if we do not take all our courage against all, to systematically destroy this growing scourge in Gabon. This whole chain of evils must be broken as soon as possible.

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