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#GABON: The harvest of human genital organs for fetish… Imagine this… (Graphic)

GABON: The harvest of human genital organs for fetish… Imagine this…
First posted in french by Marcel DJABIOH, April 5, 2013

The atrocities committed by the perpetrators serving sponsors of ritual crimes and human organs smugglers are of unspeakable horror. Given what some agents of the security forces have heard from these murderers of a rare species, some can not keep in silence such a thing under the guise of traditional secrecy of the investigation.

Everyone can be the next victim or relative of a victim, and therefore should imagine for a bit their best friend, father or mother, aunt or uncle, brother or sister, nephew or niece, son or daughter, wife or himself/herself, in the hands of these sadists, ready to see their sex cut by bloodthirsty criminals.

Imagine that this man, woman or child, immobilized by force against their will, like a sheep to be slaughtered for Tabaski. Grounded, hands tied and legs wide apart, he stares at a sharp butcher's knife handles, suddenly laughing, sometimes threatening the victim with their blade or weapon. One must imagine hearing as an echo, the shrill cries of their relative or close friend, begging their executioners to spare them from this horrible punishment and let them live. One can imagine his/her mouth that opens to cry but can’t make any sound no more, because he/she is traumatized and aware that his/her minutes in life are now counted. Tears flow from his/her eyes, all images of he/her relatives going through his/her mind as he/she is about to leave this world. But what can he/she do, so helpless against these beasts who drool at the thought of salary to expect from their crime?

One must imagine you as a candidate for circumcision or female primed for excision, in even more horrible circumstances.

One must imagine the way a sheep is cut up, as the knife rips the edge of a thigh, just where the sex is positioned.

One must imagine his/her skin tear sides, by the edge of the blade and the blood flowing through the pain for his/her body, when his/her cries are muffled by those butchers.

Once must imagines the bloody hand of the «surgeon» (sic) holding testicles, penis, vaginal beads (upper lips of the vagina) and hairy or shaved pubis of an adult, or that of a child without hair. One must imagine the blade that goes into the pulpit of his/her pelvis to cut all that is needed, then the red hands disposing all organs harvested in a container, like the sex of the parent and the rest of the dying body, with the blood flowing his/her womb is collected to serve as drink for a sponsor, waiting with a champagne glass in hand, for the delivery of the «goods», sitting in his cozy living room, surrounded by his family, mother, wife, children and others; laughing out loud, in his luxurious villa with a fence three meters high which is there really to hide the monstrosities going on behind them.

Once must imagine the effect of not seeing his wife coming back from a funeral ceremony, his/her son back from school, his/her nephew back after going to buy medication at the pharmacy, niece back from a picnic at the beach... And that phone call that tells him/her that the body of one of them was found dead and mutilated on a beach, in a bush, while the killers will never be found or if they are not will never be tried or sentenced.

The indifference and hypocrisy of the authorities of Gabon to this phenomenon should definitely challenge each and everyone, and invite us to stand up and say loud and clear: "STOP THE SLAUGHTERING; WE SECURITY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL NOW"!

Because everyone is now a potential victim.

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