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#GABON: The how and why of these horrible ritual crimes

GABON: The how and why of these horrible ritual crimes
By Marcel Djabioh, translated from French by CLG, published April 7th, 2013

Gabonese cannot recall to have been exposed to such a high rate of murders with organ harvesting, in alarming proportions as those recorded in recent years. It is believed that Lucifer has now built his temples in Gabon and his followers initiated its rites, gradually transforming this beautiful and rich country into a hell on earth, while promising its inhabitants, to transform it into a paradise.

Many people in Gabon, to gain power and wealth of this world, engage in the most heinous acts. Thus, owned by who knows what demons, they succeed easily in having sex with their own mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces and even their brothers, son and nephews. Ways to achieve this range from the simple propositions of large sums of money or a promotion, rape with threat of death if the victim dares to speak out about the event, and also through the use of certain drugs to lure victims or using the so-called “enchantment” of victims.

At one level, these crimes are said to be committed mystically. In general, victims are people with whom criminals (who order them) have close family ties, including marital relationships. Thus, many of those criminals do not hesitate to sacrifice their own relatives (children, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, and even mothers and fathers). Those so-called “mystical crimes” manifest physically in different ways, such as incomprehensible and sudden deaths due to diseases outside the scope of modern medical science, miscarriages, chronic anemia, fits of madness, accidents, and harmless animal bites turned deadly such as ones from cats, rats, worms, centipedes, etc. Options for the less brave are to sacrifice a part of their own body or mind (sex, rare disease, periodical psychiatric problems, public exposure with clothes off, pederasty, limb amputations, etc., and sometimes their own death). As they say: "it is better dying young and rich, than old and poor".

At another level, one where sadism reaches its height, these criminals go into high gear. Here their victims are outside the circle of family; these victims suffer the most atrocious treatment. Body parts and organs (tongue, genitalia, heart, blood, hands, brain, lips, ears, eyes, etc.) are stripped when victims are still alive, going through excruciating pain, as those who had the misfortune to fall into clutches of those murders. Some kidnapped or trapped victims are “delivered“ at the sponsor’s home or somewhere with soundproof rooms, which are also well equipped to handle the carnage. Crime sponsors (the ones ordering them) usually watch the slaughtering, before the lifeless body is deposited on a beach or in a bush. It is possible also that the criminal killing rituals take place in a forest at the foot of a tree of which only their “Marabous” (charlatans) know the mystical properties. Investigators rarely find signs of a struggle at places these where the body is found, suggesting that most of the killings do not take place where the body is dumped usually stripped with some organs.

Among the perpetrators of these crimes, we also have human organ traffickers acting without a specific order to procure parts; they just murder people, take their parts or desecrate graves, before seeking buyers.

According to the testimonies of some who have left the sordid “community”, to convert to Christianity, the use of the tongue, prepared with special ingredients, for example, gives whoever eats it, the power to convince any audience; the sex of a woman, is supposed to give you the power of seduction, while the man’s sex gives to those consuming it, the power of influence and domination. Taking a bath of blood is supposed to keep you young, while consuming (drinking) blood prolongs life. A part of the most expensive and most sought remains is the heart, which is eaten when mixed with certain plants. They say the heart is supposed to ensure to the eater, longevity, strength and protection. All these events to which the enthusiasts of certain rites are subjected to (that’s why people use the expression “ritual crimes”), are intended to help them access or stay in high offices (political appointments for the most) and to be wealthy, as long as they submit totally to those rituals, continuously enjoying life and their ephemeral happiness, at the expense of the blood of poor innocents.

Given the heinous acts that dishonor Gabon with the emergence of so-called ritual crimes, we can say that the country is approaching toward Sodom and Gomorrah, if it has not already happened, judging by what is happening. We are all potential victims, as the killings do not spare anybody in Gabon, regardless of political parties, whether you are from north, south, east, west, center or expatriate, neither you are a man nor a woman and neither your are young nor old. But, the only consistent thing is that in all the victims found here and there, dead and mutilated, never one is a member of the close circle that includes immediate family members of highly profile people in the spheres of power and business in Gabon. This is something that should make us all think seriously.

It's time this stops, and only the Gabonese “lambda” (not part of high political elite) as a whole, must stand up and say "STOP THE MASSACRE" and put an end to this nonsense. It will never come from those who profit from these crimes. Let’s remember this: “Those who accept evil without protesting, are really cooperating with it."


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