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#Gabon: HR Activist Georges Mpaga file a complaint against Minister of Interior of illegal arrest


Human Rights Activist Georges Mpaga filed two court complaints against Jean François NDONGOU, Gabonese Minister of Interior and Barrister Louis Gaston MAYILA, a politician close to the ruling Party.

Press release

Libreville, Gabon, May 16, 2013 - Exercising my constitutionally recognized civil and political rights, I attended Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 10:30, a peaceful march against ritual killings, organized by the Collective of Women Against Ritual Crimes, in collaboration with several other organizations of the Civil Society, at Nzeng Ayong in Libreville, Gabon.

During this event, on the orders of Jean François NDONGOU, Minister of the Interior of the Government of M. Ali Bongo Ondimba, I was arbitrarily arrested by the police and carted like a common criminal, to the Head of Police Nationale - at the Police Headquarters in Libreville before being locked up in the «mortuary» police camp called FOPI (Police Force d’Intervention), along with five other fellow activists, namely Mrs Blanche ABEGHE SIMONNY, Messrs. Auguste EYENE, Junior TCHISSAMBO, Pierre MEZUI and Mr Davy Ndomba, all members of Civil Society.

In violation of the first paragraph of the first article of the Constitution which provides that: "Every citizen has the right to free development of his personality, in accordance with the rights of others and public order. No person may be humiliated, abused or tortured, even when under arrest or imprisonment”, I was molested, kidnapped, tortured and prevented from going to the toilet, and deprived of my daily treatment against hypertension, deprived of water, food, in violation of section 3 of the Code of Criminal Procedure which provides in its Article 50, that: "During the period of custody, it is the obligation to maintain the person in perfect nutrition and hygiene."

These unacceptable and unbelievable facts in a so-called democratic country and a claiming to be State of Law have deprived me of my rights to free and fair expression.
Today Georges MPAGA and five of his colleagues have suffered from the repression of the totalitarian and police regime of Mr. Ali Bongo Ondimba, ordered by Jean François Ndongou. Tomorrow others will suffer from the same violence of this regime.

As a reminder, let’s not forget that in 2009, the same Minister, who was Minister of Interior and Minister of Defence, planned and ordered the now infamous «massacre of Port-Gentil», which represents the murderer of many Gabonese legitimately protesting against the fraudulent and challenged election of M. Ali Bongo-Ondimba. These crimes are the subject of a complaint found admissible by the International Criminal Court (ICC), whose judges still have not been able to come to Gabon to investigate.

As a supporter of political violence and indiscriminate repression of members of the Civil Society, the Opposition and student movements, Minister Jean François NDONGOU proves to be a ruthless criminal and a real danger for Democracy and Human Rights in Gabon.

To mark my firm opposition to police violence, I took the opportunity during my illegal detention to remind Colonel MIKALA, Deputy Commander of the National Police, the need for police forces to observe strict political neutrality and avoid their exploitation by politicians who are in power in this country.

All that said and given the prejudice caused by my illegal and violence arrest and detention, I decided to prosecute Mr. Jean François Ndongou, Minister of the Interior for willful violation of human rights, kidnapping and torture.

Having also been falsely accused by Barrister Louis Gaston MAYILA to be the owner of the Facebook discussion forum "Info Kinguélé" and to have published a "list of sponsors of ritual murders and political assassinations in Gabon" I decided to file a complaint against him for false accusation, false reporting and undermine my reputation.


Georges MPAGA
Activist for Democracy and Human Rights
Engaged in the fight against corruption
Member of the Civil Society of Gabon and former political prisoner of Mr. Omar Bongo Ondimba
Phone: (241) 07 51 99 32

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