lundi 24 octobre 2011

Gabon: Opposition denounces the fabrication of a false opposition by the party in power

The gabonese opposition, now in mourning following the death of Pierre Mamboundou, president of the Union of Gabonese People (UPG), can not comment on the hot topics of current political news.

Unfortunately, the PDG (party in power) and its allies come to fabricate a pseudo opposition called, “Convention of Democratic and Republican parties of the opposition”, composed of political parties, which on October 12 2011, were still either in the center or with the so-called presidential majority for the emergence or non-legalized parties which also met recently with the Prime Minister.

The gabonese opposition, expressing its total indignation, takes as witnesses both the international and national communities for fraudulent behaviors of the party in power, which somehow is driven by the making or fabrication of his own opposition to justify the organization of the forthcoming parliamentary elections (rejected by the real opposition of Gabon) in undemocratic and not transparent conditions.

The (real) gabonese opposition announces to Gabonese people that given the disaster that strikes us, it will speak more strongly about this, after the funeral of the illustrious disappeared (Pierre Mamboundou).

Ibbinga Thomas, ACR
Eya-Mvey Victor-Alain, CPPA
Mikala Jean Relique, FSG
Mangala Théophile, APPO

Translation: Citoyen Libre Gabon

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