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by Gerard ELLA NGUEMA, citizen of Gabon

Libreville (Gabon), November 22, 2012

My fellow Gabonese!

Political discourse in Gabon became in the last half-century of independence, an attraction, a sport, a simple distraction.

The political debate is merely an opportunity to fine sparring, during which time our country (Gabon) is being killed softly, if we do nothing.

I speak to you today beyond political rhetoric.

For many years, the population of Gabon can not exceed one million five hundred thousand inhabitants. The mortality rate increased, fertility decreased, and life expectancy of Gabon is still only about fifty years. This is the will of the regime in power, which wants that our lands be occupied by foreigners.

This is the truth they will not tell you about on national television, but me, I will explain it to you like this:

The facts date back to the long reign of half a century of the Bongo family, who considered public affairs in Gabon as private property, in the promotion of all kinds of moral deviances for the mental hypertrophy of an entire population, with a longevity (in power) unacceptable for any proud and worthy people.

Some of our children, our sisters and daughters are without work in Libreville and Port-Gentil, but they have (ironically) large motor vehicles and villas, and a lot of money, but they also dress in layers because of steady flows of blood, because they have sold their genitals to people in power and foreigners to eat them as kebabs.

In every corner of the country, there are lifeless body whose organs were removed to be served as food to those in power and their foreign accomplices. Some of our son, who suddenly become so rich with expensive cars and luxurious homes, spend their time to be sodomized by men of power and foreigners. Some of our son die because they have had sex with women using condoms to collect their sperm for sale within the networks of people in power.

These acts have been given the pretty name of "ritual crimes" in political discourses, without telling us what lies behind this term that we denounce without (the justice system) doing anything. No executer was arrested, nobody is prosecuted and tried, no one has been convicted. Then Gabonese people can no longer have healthy children.

My fellow Gabonese,

Beyond the political discourse, the show and comedy played by some politicians who are sometimes in opposition, sometimes with regime in power, like the party of Mr Louis Gaston Mayila, who does not need an introduction, the Gabonese people is endangered. About Mr Mayila, I'm sorry, but I usually answer only intelligent and honest people.

Religion is the first major complicit in this situation. When I say religion, I mean first of Christianity and all its variants.

The Church (with all its denominations) is a silent complicit but active in the decay of Gabon. It is silent because it says nothing to expose and encourage the fight against these evil deeds. Its exegesis and preaching put Gabonese asleep and kill their pride. In fact, a man who prays and goes to bed hungry, worried because not knowing what their children will eat in the morning and in what condition they will go to school, is not sleeping with the peace of the Lord. When you know that it is with the same Bible, the same word of God, that Rev. Martin Luther King took out the black oppression, and restored to man the fullness of his human condition, we realize that religion is, in Gabon, such as Karl Marx foresaw, "the opium of the people". The church is an active accomplice because it anoints and very openly supports those who perpetrate satanic acts.

As a proof, I want to say, and no Gabonese will deny it, that it is a fact that during the presidential campaign of 2005, priests and pastors circulated with arrogance, pride and comfort in motor vehicles marked "BONGO 2005." They, with the full knowledge of the whole world, campaigned for the candidate Bongo, forgetting that other candidates were members of their churches, and many of their flocks belonged to other political families since they have their freedom of opinion and expression. For this reason, they have sown in their own temples seeds of discord and division. They are used to eat their cake on the table of those that the church should consider friends of Satan. They bear the historical responsibility of the woes of the people of Gabon, and the Lord, Almighty God, will punish them according to their deeds.

Islam, which is said to be a religion of peace, has its share of responsibility in the imprisonment of Gabon. I will not say much, but I deplore activism in its marabouts assassination attempt by poisoning and fetichism of some personalities, at the request of Mr Ali Bongo Ondimba, the RAÏS.

My fellow Gabonese,

Few years ago, many scholars know, Rose Croix and Freemasonry were considered the most prestigious schools of knowledge of the world. This is no longer the case today, I must say. We have evidence of moral decay that Freemasonry produced in Gabon.

It circulates online, and many of you have it in your homes, that Video CD in which grand lodges of East and West, as well as African lodges, installed Ali Bongo in Libreville at the head of the lodge of Gabon, as if it was a model of intelligence and wisdom. Ali Bongo Ondimba had taken a republican oath to serve only the interests of Gabon. You also see and hear in the video CD his Masonic oath to serve only the interests of the masonry, reinforcing the oath is that the gesture to have his throat cut in case of violation of the oath. That is to say, Ali Bongo Ondimba has given his life to serve only the interests of the masonry. This means that he only manages Gabon according to the interests of that esoteric order, and we all Gabonese, whether we like it or not, are slaves of Freemasonry.

Well, the power of Ali Bongo Ondimba and masonry are to introduce and promote in Gabon, as a practice of power, pederasty.

Pederasty is essentially the practice of sodomy, and sodomy is the sexual act in which a man puts his penis into the anus of another man. This is what, against our morals and values, now gives the power and money to some of our proud young Gabonese, but with their behinds already damaged. Competence and merit can then go hell.

If you have forgotten, let me remind you: the word "sodomy" comes from the name of the city of Sodom because sodomy was one of the practices of Sodom and Gomorrah. You know what God has done to these two cities. There rained brimstone and fire. This means, and this is a divine and natural law, that when a society practice sodomy, nature and life apply to make them disappear. That is the goal of Ali: the population of one million five hundred thousand heads disappear and the rich lands left easily then fall into his and foreigners' hands. Thus small towns, like that of AMBOWE, where people have been displaced by the army one morning wanting to drop in foreigners in secret, receive these illegal and official immigrants of the state. It's a bit like the biblical story in which the people elected shall, to appropriate the land (country) flowing with milk and honey, be decimating its original inhabitants.

Here is the truth beyond debate and political discourse: an occult force tries to steal our country Gabon, in spite of our right to life.

I do not forget about Marie Madeleine Mborantsouo, protector of the monolithic regime of Ali. She became herself, the spectrum that scares even our birds in the bush. I laugh at it in the face of the international community, and wonder why eminent members of constitutional courts in some countries, such as France, which is fully aware of the actions of the clan Bongo, are coming in Libreville to praise the merits of this woman who kills coldly our people and institutions of our country. Is it, as the old adage goes, "who assemble, alike »?

Certainly, the sisterly and friendly countries did not know that the good lady is renting her own building and house to the institution she runs; she runs big businesses, has a school; all activities inconsistent with her function as President of the Constitutional Courts. This should not even be surprising. She became herself an unconstitutional. I say better, she represents the anti constitutional.

She will answer for her actions.

My fellow Gabonese,

We do not die as snakes, which have been hit on the head with batons without being able to scream. We accept the challenge. Now!

I say we start now, regardless of gropings and hesitations of the political debate, a fight to the death against the government and its allies, known or hidden. Against the tyrannical violence of the state, we now oppose the force of numbers and the law. 

This is what we are actually going to do.

We begin by retrieving the power that is ours. Remember that during the presidential campaign of 2009, the elected candidate, but rejected by Mborantsouo and Masonic forces, Mr André OBAME MBA, promised that "we will not let them steal our victory."

Because we are men of their words and a proud people, let's recover by any means the power that was stolen from us in 2009. I say: recover BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE THE POWER THAT WAS STOLEN FROM US IN 2009.

How are we going to take it back?

We are going do this step by step.

We are today outlaws, because no man should obey a law aims to destroy him. So, I ask the Gabonese people to spare a thought for our martyrs and pious for all victims of ritual crimes. Furthermore, we demand the immediate release of political prisoners imprisoned because of the meeting called in Cocotiers on August 15 2012.

We also demand the departure of the U.S. ambassador to Gabon, which is an obstacle to the democratization process in our country.

Now we are launching a major campaign of civil disobedience with details to be communicated as its realization progresses. It should be recalled that the mandate of President Ali Bongo Ondimba will be ending on December 2, 2012, the date of termination of the contract of Gabon and the Bongo's clan. We do not want more of them!

We are sending a solemn (clear) message to President François HOLLANDE of France that we do not want Ali Bongo Ondimba anymore (as so-called president of Gabon).

I conclude with a call to brotherly security and defence forces. What we do is for the benefit of all Gabonese of all occupations. Your army bodies should not just be machines or robots aim to state brutality and repression. Your mission is to protect the people that you are all a part of, although some rumours do indicate the presence of several new foreign forces within security and defence bodies. Your wives and ours go to the same market, your children and ours go to are the same schools. If you receive the order to fire on us, and actually do so, whenever one of us falls, remember that you do not all live in barracks, but also in the same neighbourhood as us. This is not a threat but an interpellation. Our work will continue in the direction of the resistance to all forms of oppression. Long life to our country, Gabon.

I swear to give my life for the motherland!

Thank you, proud citizen of Gabon, Gérard ELLA NGUEMA

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