mardi 12 juin 2012

#Gabon: CONASYSED, Enough with violations of human rights of students

Libreville (Gabon), June 11th 2012

For more than 5 months, the gabonese government is not able to find appropriate and perennial solutions for student’s demands. Academic freedom is violated and students are hunted down, kidnapped, tortured and arbitrarily detained daily by police who took up residence at the university campus on the orders of Mr. Moundounga  Seraphin, Minister of Higher Education.

Just this morning of June 11, 2012, while students were in general meeting, 21 of them were abducted and detained at the General Bureau of Research (DGR) – sort of secret service body - where they are being tortured.

Faced with this umpteenth case of violation of Human Rights, which is to deprive citizens, and students in particular, of their fundamental rights and freedoms, namely freedom of expression, and the right to rally, CONASYSED (main Union for the Education sector in Gabon) unreservedly condemns this latest arbitrary incarceration and abusive treatments of students. Also, CONASYSED demands their immediate and unconditional release. In addition, CONASYSED calls Mrs. Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO currently living in Gabon, to intervene in this matter so that human rights are now respected in Gabon.

Consequently, CONASYSED reserves itself the right to act in partnership with other organizations for the Defense of Human Rights, Internationally and Nationally.

CONASYSED = Convention nationale des syndicats du secteur éducation (Gabon)

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