dimanche 20 novembre 2011

#Gabon: special forces to assassinate opposition leaders?

EMERGENCY REPORT: Planned assassinations in Gabon?

As of November 1st 2011, a special commando called "Delta Force" led by a sergeant of the RPG (Red Berets of Gabon) conducts unspeakable activities around three politicians of the opposition: Zachary Myboto, Jean Eyeghe Ndong and Luc Bengone Nsi. A special headquarters was placed in Awendjè around the last two mentioned targets. Suspicious movements were also observed near the residence of Zachary Myboto.

Remember, this commando from the shadows at the time led by Lieutenant Richard Ndjami, did serious damage which let people dead in September 2009 in Port-Gentil.

We’ve been informed therefore that "Operation Sparrowhawk" led by that commando is to neutralize these radical figures of the opposition. The instructions given to the commando:

• see without being seen
• operate without being seen
• disappear without a trace

On the night of November 8 to 9, due to a signal error, the sports minister of Gabon, who has a vehicle similar to that of Zachary Myboto, was chased by the elements of this unit driven by said Warrant Mbezamgoye, aka Blues of "Delta commando", with the participation of Sergeant Saturnin Ikiti.

This is serious information coming from patriots who are aware of the dangers of such a drift. The late Pierre Mamboundou Mamboundou had been warned by the same sources and has been, three weeks before his death, reporting to several people and in many circles of his concerns about his safety.

The International community must be warned!

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