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Gabon: Andre Mba Obame President-Elect, address to the Nation

After taking office on January 25, 2011 as President-elect of the Republic of Gabon, Andre Mba Obame addressed the Nation for the first time since the release of his government of UNDP premises.
Gabonese Republic

Address of Mr. Andre Mba Obame, President of the Republic, to the Nation

Fellow Citizens,

Since an illegitimate power was imposed by force in our country, worry wins the minds, doubt wins souls.

The trouble of spirits has no single origin in the electoral coup of 3 September 2009 and the vicissitudes of the international Society. It mainly comes from the arrogance of men who settled in power by force and their ignorance of the huge social expectation.

The national revolution, which I drew the outline, when I was sworn in as president January 25, 2011, has not yet become a reality.

It has not penetrated, because between the people of Gabon and me, which people and I understand each other so well, has been opposed supporters of the dual screen divisionism and servants of a dying regime.

The are many servants of today’s regime, I ranks without exception all those who put their personal interests before the permanent interests of the state: political parties, without members but thirsty for revenge, officials attached to the order in which they were beneficiaries and masters, or those who have subordinated the interests of the country to those abroad.

A long time will be needed to overcome the resistance of all opponents of the new hope, but we must now break their projects. If Gabon did not understand that the country is condemned by the force of things, to change the regime, it would open to it the movements of magnitude as was observed yesterday in Tunisia and Egypt and today in Libya. Our country must save the current monarchical drift through faith and sacrifice.

Therefore, the problem of Gabon,in scope,goes beyond the propaganda being orchestrated by enemies of the country,which tends to see a community as representing a danger to the nation or present the problem as only a struggle for leadership.

Our country demands, before anything, restoration of democratic and republican principles.

I inherited the legacy of an injured Gabon, a nation inhabited by despair. My duty is to defend your rights and your aspirations.

In 1990, I convinced then President Omar Bongo of the need for a democratic opening in our country by the return to multiparty politics.

In 2009, I proposed a new hope in introducing me as the candidate of interposition, in my call of Barcelona.

Today is to yourselves that I want to save you.

At my age, when you give your person has a gift to your country, there is no more sacrifice which we want to escape from; there is no other rule than that of public salute.

Remember this: our people, when united and supportive of a fair fight, is a nation which is borning again.

Vive le Gabon! (God bless Gabon!)

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March 2, 2011

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