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#Gabon-«Justice»: The investigation into the murder of Serge Egniga still stalled (ritual killings)

Gabon/«Justice» (Graphic) - Translated from french

 Libreville, 01/08/2014

The investigation into the murder of Serge Egniga still stalled

INVESTIGATION on the murder of Serge Egniga , still struggling to start , despite assurances by the judicial authorities of the country in their determination to lift the veil on this matter.

For a decade , the file mildew in the drawers of the first judge's office of the court of first instance in Libreville. However, the family of the victim awaits the manifestation of the truth.

In fact, the Gabonese justice seems to have trouble playing its role in this case marked by shenanigans . The investigation which was announced to start for many times, is at a standstill.

In July (2013), the beginning of the investigation was announced . But no action has been taken in this case. This procedure was done following a request filed with the prosecutor in Libreville by the family of the deceased in order to see the truth about this case comes out but also to be able to finally mourn the artist.

Shredded body Serge Egniga was found lying on a railway track in the suburb of Owendo (close to Libreville, the capital city) on the night of September 13 to 14, 2003. The presence of numerous bruises on his body had led to the theory of murder.

At that time, the theory of crime by jealousy was privileged. It was whispered across the country that the artist had paid the cost of a jealous lover, as he dated his mistress. The popular opinion was that this lover, a senior officer of the security forces, had opted for the murder to get rid of his rival very cruelly.

The first investigation by the Judicial Police (PJ) after the facts had not prospered because of the shenanigans of the alleged mastermind (sponsor) of the crime. Since then, the trial court in Libreville has never clarified the contours of this sad affair which had deeply shocked public opinion.

Last June , the family of Serge Egniga has once again filed an appeal with the courts for review of the case related to sudden death of this artist in 2003. This new attempt would have had a favorable response in the eyes of the Gabonese justice.

More than ten years later, some information is starting to come out . We are learning that contrary to what had been instilled in the people minds so far, the death of Serge Egniga was sponsored by the sponsor of a nebula, which carried out ritual murders in the province of Moyen-Ogooué precisely Lambaréné where the artist was originally from.

The sulfurous character, still lurking in the corridors of power, would have contacted the artist to commit murder with organ harvesting in exchange for a sum of two million CFA Francs (about 4,000 USD) . But Serge Egniga have rejected the proposal to do the dirty work.

And in revenge for what he saw as a betrayal and contempt, the head of the criminal organization supposedly asked at least five students to take care of the artist. The underlings allegedly used a young woman to bait Serge Egniga before killing him in the area called Barracuda at Owendo.

With the appointment of Ida Assonouet Reteno as Minister of Justice, the family of the victim had believed that the investigation would begin, since that the victim was very close to the Attorney General, a source close to the deceased told us. But there has been nothing so far. The investigation is still stalled.

A curious case. Why Ida Assonouet Retenot does not take to grips with this matter, at least as a matter of recognition of the services rendered to her by Serge Egniga? The judge assigned to the case in the first cabinet is believed to be her henchman, her nephew, according to some sources. A guilty silence, really!

Jonas Moulenda

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